Attractions and Activities in Lancashire

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to attractions and activities to do in those locations. Lancashire has something for everyone since there are inexhaustible attractions and activities to carry out there. These range from parks, landmarks, zoos, stadiums to playgrounds and many more outdoor activities. Below are some of Lancashire’s popular sites and activities.

Beacon Fell View Holiday Park

If your interest lies in camping and caravans, then here is a place for you. It is located at 110 Higher Road, Longridge, in Preston. The site is ideal for family holidays where you get to enjoy the Ribble Valley views. Here, you can participate in activities such as swimming, since there is a heated indoor pool. Entertainment, especially for youngsters, is guaranteed due to the existence of the children’s panda club, video games and also pool tables.

Online Casino Gaming

This is an online activity you can do while on holiday or on tour, and it is best done while relaxing in your accommodation. Lancashire has many towns with various top-notch accommodation options. Ensure you look for one with a Wi-Fi network so that you can find casinos where to play without incurring extra costs or encountering connection problems.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Nickelodeon Land

This is a theme park in Blackpool, Lancashire. It is a perfect place to take your kids for a holiday. Despite being primarily a children’s attraction, adults also have their activities, such as the 12 fantastic rides. The rides are meant to entertain and thrill the whole family. There is an on-site restaurant to satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst.

Ribble Coast and Wetlands Cycle Routes

This is a cycle route, and if you are a cycling enthusiast, this is the ultimate holiday destination for you. There are five cycling routes in this location, all ranging between 10 and 22 miles in length.