Events You Should Not Miss in Lancashire

Nestled in North West England, Lancashire is a major commercial and historic county that is home to several exciting cities. During different times of the year, various events are held by the residents to celebrate and showcase several things; including local talent, cuisines and the region’s natural beauty. Here are some of them:

Jason Manford’s Comedy Festival

From 1st-3rd May 2020, comedy lovers will get to enjoy some of the funniest jokes at the Opera house & Winter Gardens on 97 Church Street. Jason Manford, one of the most talented comedians in the UK, will be the host, and other big names in the comedy industry will also be present.

St Patrick’s Irish Celebrations

Head to the ‘Owd Nell’s Tavern on the night of 13th March 2020 for the St Patrick’s Irish Celebration. The event allows you, and many others, to explore the fascinating Irish culture. There, you can taste the tastiest local foods and drinks that include Oyster and Whisky Boards. Don’t forget to try out some interesting Irish games as you wait for dawn.

Chorley Flower Show

On 1st and 2nd August 2020, this colourful event will take place in Astley Park. You will meet some of the county’s most prominent gardeners, and you can even borrow a few tips for your garden. Bring your little ones with you because there are plenty of fun children’s activities for them to indulge in. Delicious meals and drinks are also served there.

Ride the Lights

This is an unbelievably big occasion that will be held in Lancashire on 1st September 2020. During the event, you can get amazing views of the Blackpool Illuminations as you enjoy the company of thousands of residents who enjoy cycling as much as you do. What is even more impressive is how people decorate their bicycles with different stunning colours and designs.